DiSC Profiling

DiSC is an incredibly powerful tool which analyses human behaviour and predicts how individuals will react in a range of diverse situations.

Understanding an individual’s personality and behaviour style allows areas of stress and conflict to be avoided, enables a person to identify what their motivators and stressors are, can enhance communication, productivity and overall provides the key to increased awareness of self and others. 


DiSC can be used by an individual to understand his/her traits and why the actions of others spark specific reactions, both positive and negative, in the home or workplace. The insight it offers highlights blindspots as people cannot always see themselves as they come across to others.


It is also a profound yet simple analysis tool for organisations to utilise to hire employees with particular behaviour characteristics, build effective teams, develop successful leaders, train a dynamic salesforce, improve customer service and efficiently manage conflict resolution.


DiSC theory consists of four different personality styles and a swift yet detailed analysis of an individual’s responses to a series of questions provides his/her unique profile which reveals how their behaviours will affect routine actions, communication preferences, ability to organise, delegate or defer, attitude to conflict and interactions in various environments. It will identify situations in which they feel most comfortable and empowered and also circumstances where they feel challenged or uneasy.


As such, DiSC analysis can be used as a stand alone tool to understand complex human behaviour and increase self-awareness or it can be used in conjunction with coaching where the profile provides the foundation of an individual’s strengths and areas for development and relevant goals can be identified through the executive or personal coaching model.


Through its four styles analysis, DiSC creates a user-friendly common language with no right or wrong behaviours, nothing identified as good or bad, simply an understanding of how and why people react to different scenarios and an appreciation that all behaviours are uniquely positive.


Organisations which use DiSC benefit from improved levels of communication with fewer incidents of conflict or misunderstanding in the workplace and more efficient teamwork leading to higher levels of productivity and potentially more financial success.


This self-development profiling tool, successfully employed around the world for more than 30 years, is based on the DiSC theory researched by American psychologist Dr William Moulton Marston at Harvard University in the 1920s and is applicable to understanding and managing social, business and family relationships.

DiSC services offered by Altius:

  • Personal behaviour profiling analysis
  • DiSC for families
  • Employee hiring
  • Workplace profiling
  • Team development
  • Salesforce training
  • 360 degree Leadership analysis
  • Leadership profiling and development
  • Management profiling and development
  • Conflict resolution

Through DiSC, Altius offers an insight into human behaviours which is a powerful personal development tool and enables individuals and organisations to become the highest version of themselves.

DiSC profiling can be offered in a variety of formats:

  • As a stand alone service which includes receipt of the profile plus a minimum of 30 minutes coaching around its conclusions.
  • Profile analysis plus an additional follow-up coaching programme. As we read through your profile with you, we will establish how you wish to move from this baseline point A to the goal you have identified, point B and discuss the identified behaviours which will hinder your goals or help you achieve them more efficiently.
  • A half day or full day fun and interactive workshop including profile analysis plus related activities to maximise the benefits of the insights generated from the tool.

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