About Us

It is a given that the age of digitalisation has brought with it a bounty of benefits which have irrevocably changed the way we live our lives – in large part undoubtedly for the better.

But the current ease of accessibility and connectivity can, in some instances, carry a heavy burden with time becoming a scarce commodity as people manoeuvre between managing emails arriving at all hours, updating social media posts, powerpoint creations and negotiating their life around the Internet of Things.


Coupled with increasingly busy private lives, people can find themselves on a constant state of alert and lose sight of what REALLY matters to them.  Nobody, it seems, has time for themselves, time to reflect, time to enjoy the present moment or time to plan effectively. 


At Altius, we provide what one client once described as ‘an oasis’ in the time-pressured, fiercely competitive world. We hold that space for you and in that moment of calm and peace is where you become aware of what’s important to you and what you need to be doing for yourself. 


Whether you’re a high achieving Senior Vice President in the corporate world or an individual facing an area of stagnation or crossroads in your personal life, unsure of which route to follow to achieve fulfilling lifestyle choices, never has the need for coaching been greater.


Coaching enables you to press ‘pause’ on everything going on around you, gain clarity amid the fog of life pressures about what is genuinely important and identify the vital steps you need to take towards achieving your goals, implementing behavioural changes that resonate and positively impact your life.


From its centres in UK, UAE and India, Altius delivers its world class programmes with passion and purpose, working with you as an individual to become the highest version of yourself in different areas of your life.

Our sessions are based on organic evolution without necessarily assigning predefined activities or discussion topics. Every client programme is bespoke to the individual – you are in sole charge of the areas we explore on your personal journey once we have established your goals.  


The support Altius coaching gives you with its 360 degree focus on the whole person helps us move away from simply examining the presenting issue to link goals to specific areas of your life providing a genuine sense of fulfilment once they are achieved.


Before working with you, the Altius team offers all clients an initial free 20 minute chemistry call to discuss what coaching involves, how you could benefit and identify areas in which you want to progress. The purpose of the conversation is to establish if coaching is the right tool for you and if the coach you speak to is the best person to help your development in terms of rapport, empathy and areas of expertise.


Trained to listen at a very deep level, your coach will then help you gain clarity about what matters to you, where you face challenges and identify strategies to help you become your best self.


Throughout the programme, we guarantee total confidentiality and ensure you will be at liberty to be who you want to be with absolutely no blame or judgement attributed to thoughts, words or actions.

Why Altius?

Our company name embodies all that we stand for and strive to impart in all interactions with our clients.


Latin for ‘higher’, Altius is most commonly associated with the Olympic motto, Citius, Altius, Fortius – “Faster, Higher, Stronger” and is a word that represents much that matters to us:

Our love and understanding of diverse cultures – we celebrate people’s different backgrounds, experiences and skill sets and help clients build on them to create harmonious teams in their workplace.

Our love of languages – effective communication is at the heart of what we deliver in all our packages and we reinforce with clients that what people say (and don’t say) is vital in being the best version of themselves. As a keen linguist, Jayne is also able to deliver her sessions in French or German.

Our aim to help you reach your highest self – all our programmes have the sole purpose of accompanying you on a journey to realise your true potential, perform at your optimum level, conduct your roles and responsibilities to maximum effect and lead the best life possible according to your circumstances.