Personal Coaching

Coaching allows individuals in today’s fast-paced world to simply ‘press pause’ and take valuable time to focus on themselves and gain clarity around issues that matter to them, enabling them to enrich their life and become the best version of themselves.

It provides an accountability partner – a person from outside your day to day life listening objectively with no personal agenda, who will not use the dialogue to influence others, who motivates you and shares success and ultimately helps you take the actions that matter.


Coaching offers you the opportunity to transform your life by reflecting on who you are, what really matters to you and which path you want to take when you find yourself blocked in some way or at a crossroads facing important life-changing choices.


It empowers individuals to identify achievable goals that will have a lasting impact on their behaviours, encouraging them to take meaningful action towards transformation and ultimate fulfilment in different areas of life.


Personal coaching provides a confidential service facilitating your journey towards the life you really want to lead, identifying strategies to tackle areas in which you feel blocked, assisting you in identification of your true purpose and drawing together the roadmap to success – whatever that looks like for the individual. No two journeys are ever the same and it is that bespoke service upon which we at Altius pride ourselves and which has led to our impressive proven track record.


Areas in which we have been of help to clients include career coaching, boosting self-confidence, becoming more assertive, having the courage and confidence to start a business, relocating a family abroad, time management, family and relationship issues, work-life balance, health and well-being and managing stressful situations at work or in your private life.


Together we will establish what is important to you, where your true passion lies, what success actually looks like, existing skills you can enhance and areas for development – for example strategies, when required to help you overcome negative self-talk , one of the most common challenges clients routinely need to tackle in order to make progress in other areas.


Every individual has great potential and our highly skilled coaches work with you to discover and explore the best ways to unlock it and enable you to soar to success in achieving your specific goal.


While we challenge you with thought-provoking questions and probing discussions to establish your core values, needs and clear picture of what success looks like in your life, the learning and action always comes from within. This is very much a client-led journey, your route to fulfilment, but we will bring our experience to bear on how you can develop the whole person to catapult you to a higher level than you probably imagined.


Our supportive, unbiased approach encourages clients to make a true commitment to take action and reap the benefits of personal growth and the ensuing changes they witness in their life.


Altius has a proven track record of helping clients gain tangible results in their personal growth which has a positive impact on their work and private lives and is both meaningful and lasting.

Next steps

Before we embark on our coaching journey, you’ll need to book in a free 20 minute, no obligation consultation call in which we can briefly get to know one another and to see if I can provide you with the help you’re looking for. This will give you the opportunity to ask questions and to discuss what I can offer you, as well as to get a feel for whether we are suited to one another. Coaching chemistry is absolutely vital; I want you to get the best return on your investment – we must both believe that we can develop a positive partnership before moving forward.

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